I have truly enjoyed this process, and I love that you shared the progress at each stage. It looks gorgeous. I LOVE IT!!!! It is so peaceful, vibrant and exotic all at the same time.

T.C., Parrish, Florida

I bought the painting ‘Summer Path’  in early 2018 to complete a problematic and huge spot in my living room. My current home is a century-old Craftsman style bungalow with many white walls. Her art is textured, layered and complicated as it is subtle and complex. This painting creates an effect of ephemeral beauty; it is mysterious and strange— in the best sense. This art shifts and changes depending on the light. I love looking at this painting and it has completed the feel of my room in an excellent way.

J.S., Long Beach, CA


Mysterious and complicated. Compact with a lot of attention, layering, complexity. Her art draws me in and keeps my gaze; my litmus for art I want around me. These smaller pieces are very reasonably priced for the quality of work they contain. I bought two. And then a big painting. I just want to keep looking at the compact, complex worlds she creates.

J.S., Long Beach, CA


Stopped me in my tracks, so evocative of our unusual beachfront in Long Beach. I like the abstraction and also the way realness seems to emerge and recede. I love this painting, find myself just sucked into the wonder it presents. Karen Zilly creates beautiful and deeply interesting works.

J.S., Long Beach, CA


The painting arrived in perfect condition! It's just wonderful and it fills my heart with peace. It's the inspiration I need to create my meditation space.

C.S., Novato, CA


Karen's work is beautiful, restful to the mind and imbued with a sense of peace. I own two pieces and cannot truly relate how much joy having them in my home brings me. 

L.M., Brooklyn, New York 


We love the paintings!

T.Y., Miami, FL


We got it! It arrived yesterday, well packed and in perfect condition. It will be enjoyed for many years.

P.S., Seattle, WA


We still absolutely love the paintings as much as we did the day they arrived. I could sit and look at them all day long and continually rediscover or discover something new. They change with the time of day, the light in the room, the seasons, my mood. I still can't believe they are here.

J.S., New York, NY


I received the painting a little while ago, and placed it on my livingroom wall! It is beautiful and has different meanings for me already. 

R.M., Maryland

Up and hanging and it's terrific. A great job you did!

S.M., Los Angeles, CA


I can not say enough good things both about Karen's work and Karen. I now have two pieces of her work. I am very particular and Karen has the rare talent of being able to create beautiful pieces of art and communicate well with her customers. On both pieces toward the end I was not sure how to express to Karen what I was looking for with regard to the color to make it match just so with my apartment. She was patient and continued to ask questions until we got the pieces perfect. I have never come across an artist who was able to do this in the past. Karen has transformed my apartment. I gave her an idea and she made it a reality with all the nuances of color light and sizing that I would have never known how to communicate. I love my art and as does everyone who sees them. 

R.F., New York, NY



M., Philadelphia, PA


We both love it. Fits perfectly. Colors are great. Many thanks for your diligent work! You were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish.

J.L., Los Angeles, CA


Your painting continues to bring us much joy and tranquility on a daily basis. We just love it.

U.N., London, England


I'm in love.

J.C., Virginia Beach, Virginia


It just looks fabulous. So much so that we are having some new lighting installed so we can see it in all its glory in the evening. Right now it is at its most wonderful in the morning light -- but we're greedy and want to see it before we go to bed. In short, we couldn't be happier. 

R. K., Virginia


The painting is lovely, especially up close where you can see the textural elements.  All who have seen it like it.

R.B., Tarrytown, New York


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